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Sending money abroad is now easier than ever and you’ll be able to do it from anywhere; at home, on the go or in the queue at the supermarket! There are 90 countries you can send to with us, and the list keeps growing.

To send money, you’ll need to sign up and enter your details when prompted, then choose a PIN. We’ll need to verify the details you give, but you’re ready to send as soon as that’s done.

Glo Currency operates a zero fee commission on diaspora funds transfer to home countries.

We need to verify all customer details. If your details are not up to date your transfer could be delayed.

Sometimes, transfers may be held either by us or our partners to comply with relevant regulations. We may also need to ask for additional information. If this is the case we will contact you, either by email or by phone.

Glo Currency transfers are virtually instantaneous. On rare circumstances, your recipient may contact you to report that they have not received value for a transfer you performed.
It may be possible that the recipient's bank or mobile money provider hasn't applied value to the account and this can occur for a variety of reasons. This includes the account being inactive, an invalid account number has been entered, there is a restriction on the account or the bank network is down

Contact Glo Currency with the transaction reference number. Contact Us

Glo Currency transfers are usually successful in seconds. However, in rare situations where there is a problem communicating with the recipient's bank, a transfer may linger in the "sent-for-pay" status for more than few minutes. Our systems will keep retrying the transaction until allocated period for retry have been exhausted and it fails, and the status will reflect “ERROR”. Successful transactions final status will reflect “PROCESSED”.

Glo Currency has regulatory obligations to conduct know your customer requirements for the purposes of preventing money laundering and terrorism financing. For the purpose of ensuring compliance to regulations, our compliance team may from time to time place transactions on hold and request for additional information or document.

Check that your payment details have been entered correctly
If all details are correct, please check why the payment has been declined with your payment provider.

If you are dissatisfied with our service, please send an email to [email protected] or submit a complaint form on our website.

We aim to acknowledge all complaints within 24 hours, and intend to provide a full response to your complaint within 15 business days from its receipt. If a full response cannot be given within this timeframe, we will send you a holding reply indicating reasons for the delay. The resolution of the matter will be provided to you within 35 business days from receipt of your complaint.

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